Fox L'ouest
Fox L'ouest
by Mina Marlena


Mina Marlena

Proud to say I'm a California Native, I was born in Ojai Valley to a young artists family. If you don't know what Ojai is, It's basically a little hippie town nestled in the mountains about an hour away from the hustle + bustle of LA. Growing up, I had a very eclectic, sun filled, free spirited childhood. It was full of organic everything and LOTS of time spent running around naked on the beach. Which obviously has influenced the way I choose to live my life now LOL.

My dad works in the Entertainment industry in LA- Nickelodeon!- so as I was about to start High School, we made the move to LA. My interest in Fashion was always apparent, so this move was like a dream come true. After living in Los Angeles for three years, I got my first job at Brandy Melville. 

Working for Brandy Melville really gave me the tools I needed to figure out that Fashion was definitely the industry I wanted to be in. I was 16 designing clothes, styling & photographing shoots for my favorite brand, I was LIVING. I met some of my very best girlfriends working for them and I'm still booking jobs because of girls I met working there. 

After I left Brandy, life took some turns. I lost my braces and found Hollywood. Which was a very dangerous combination. But if you're from LA, you know all the girls go through it. Embarrassed to say, I was one of them. UGH EW.

So fast forward through a couple years of figuring shit out, living in Japan- GO FIGURE- I'm now creating content full time & Influencing. Which was always my favorite part of working in Fashion, the process of creating images that make you feel like you wanna be THAT girl. 

I guess my free spirited childhood inspired me not to follow the rules and always to follow the path that your life pushes you in, listen to your gut.

So, this is unapologetically me. 

Love Always,