Mina Horton

Our Day with Lolli Swim

Mina Horton
Our Day with Lolli Swim

Hi babies!

So Jami and I spent the day with Lolli Swim this past week and OBVIOUSLY got way too much cute content. Before we headed out we stopped by our girl Melissa's to get our hair done, and now I'm officially obsessed with them. Lolli team drove us out to their Laguna Beach Bungalow at the Pacific Edge and threw us into rainbows & butterflies, Lolli World ;)

We spent the day creating content with the brand, eating brunch and taking advantage of all the cute shit they had for us, CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT. Rough life, I know. 

Currently shopping Bando's website because they provided us with the CUTEST beach towels ever... guys they're must haves fo sho! Lolli also had Drink Bev FLOWING, the cutest Rose brand I've seen. Safe to say, we had a good time. 

Thanks to the Lolli Team, Kololo, Sweet Erywyn's, Sugarfina, & Bando! 

Photos by Claire Huntsberger!

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