Mina Horton

Palm Springs Getaway

Mina Horton
Palm Springs Getaway

Hi bb's!

Last week I went with some of my fellow blogger babes to Palm Springs, we stayed at the Miramonte Resort & had the MOST amazing time.  It was a very much needed little escape. Any excuse to take a breather from LA & connect with the girls is always taken advantage of...


Road Trip Attire & Check in's

Hello Brics, I love youuuu! Special shout out to my friends at Brics Milano for working with us on this trip & providing us with gorgeous luggage. I don't wanna say we traveled in style because how many times have you heard that?? A million. But yeah we 100% did. 

I picked up some pieces from the Mayfair Gifting suite a few days before our road trip so obviously I had to wear this comfy little set from The Laundry Room & my cozy UGG slides, my kinda lazy. Straw hat to tie in the aesthetic, of course. 

The drive down was basically just spent munching on raw unsalted almonds & screaming(singing)...


Day Dreaming?

If you know me, you know I am always a fan of any place that feels like another country. I didn't know what the resort looked like until we arrived & I was just sooo happy to see how beautiful it was. It felt like we walked into a little Tuscan day dream and I immediately felt at home. 

On another note, the staff at Miramonte is amazing and they really did a great job during our stay to make sure we had everything we needed. Starting us off with a welcome bottle of wine & snacks, of course.

My favorite part of having Vegan friends is getting all the yummy food to myself... goat cheese covered grapes?? Uhm, yes. 

Once we arrived, we all just decided to chill and sit by the pool. Decompress & relax. Boring, I'm sorry no crazy night out stories here. It's so nice going on trips with other bloggers because we all understand each others need to be productive i.e not get wasted. However, I'd be lying if I said it was an alcohol free trip lol. 

But where's the food at?

After pool hangs & melting in the sun, we were trying to figure out dinner plans. Girls gotta eat. We decided to be lazy and just eat at the hotel's restaurant "Citrus & Palm". Let me just say, best choice ever. I was not expecting the food to be so good. Everything is farm to table, super healthy & delicious. We actually were so impressed by the food, we didn't leave the property our whole stay. 

I ordered the Half Chicken, with grilled veggies instead of Polenta. SOOOO yummy & guilt free.  And because it wouldn't be a vacation without dessert, we all devoured the home made Ice Cream Sandwiches. Death by chocolate is always preferred.

After Dinner, we were anti- social and got to bed early. Like the Bad Moms we are. 

Day Two:


The team at Miramonte was kind enough to host a special brunch for us, the head Chef was the sweetest human EVER. Full of green juice & farm fresh eggs. Safe to say we all left with full belly's ready to take on the heat of the day...

I ordered a very boring breakfast, double hard boiled egg & fruit. I typically don't eat breakfast but I grabbed a photo of Jami's delicious Omelet for you guys to check out. I had a bite, like everything else at Citrus & Palm, delicious. 

Sweaty Betty's

Soooo we wouldn't be bloggers if we didn't take time getting some cute content.

Day two was mainly spent running back & forth between the heat and our rooms AC. It was 115 degrees & we definitely fried. Honestly, you guys would be impressed by our determination and I have to say it was pretty fun trying to be as strategic as possible with our posing so we could get the shot quickly.

After our day spent baking in the sun, we went back over to Citrus & Palm for Taco Tuesday, my favorite day of the week...


Our Last Day...

Breakfast & Chill

I woke up a little early to go grab some last minute breakfast with Jami. The previous day Lexi ordered the "Olive Oil and Honey Granola" and it looked amazing so I wanted to try it. I really could have probably had like five more orders of it, sooo yummy. We ordered it with extra berries & sat in the restaurant relaxing, sipping on Homemade Ice Tea. 

Spa Time with Bae's

After Breaky we all made our way to the spa for some treatments(facials) & chilled in the relaxation room... on our laptops working, no surprise.  


A Farewell Snack...

The Chef was sooo nice & wanted to make sure we had full belly's before our drive back up to LA. So he called us back to the Restaurant and made us some yummy food. These Shrimp were my hands down favorite, can you tell?

And we're off

We stayed wayyy past our checkout because we didn't want to leave. Huuuge shoutout to Miramonte & Staff, you guys really were amazing. I'm definitely going back. 

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Love you,